Fermented tea from wild raspberry leaves


Fermentation of raspberry leaves makes it possible to drink aromatic teas, which are rich in organic compounds. A special technology with natural fermentation of plant raw materials is used. May collection of leaves makes it possible to get light and fragrant teas.

When the leaves are collected

It is collected when raspberries are in bloom. At this moment, the leaves with a large number of vitamin complexes and other useful substances. They are usually harvested in late May, early June. On dry, clear days. When the dew evaporates completely.

What are the benefits of fermented tea

Fermented tea from raspberry leaves is not just dried raw materials. With such technological processing, simple and water-soluble enzymes are obtained. They are easily digested.

Due to fermentation, people learned about black and green tea. Ready-made drinks from leaves with a rich brown color, pleasant and slightly tart taste.


Ready fermented raspberry leaf tea is stored in glass or metal containers. It should be under a tight lid.

Recipes of preparation

Basic raspberry leaf tea

1 spoon of leaves
1 cup of water
Put the raw materials in a teapot, pour hot water. Let it brew for 3 to 5 minutes. Honey or sugar can be used to sweeten.

Tea with double raspberries

1 spoon of leaves
1 cup of water
The leaves are brewed together with raspberries. Such raspberry teas with dried berries are infused for 10 to 15 minutes. Or just add raspberry jam to the tea.

Raspberry and fireweed

Various herbal supplements go well with fireweed. To get 3 cups of drink, take 1 spoon of raspberry leaves and 2 spoons of fireweed. All is poured with boiling water and insisted.

Rose hips with raspberries

Rosehip is infused in boiling water for several hours. After 5-8 hours, it is filtered, boiled, and raspberry leaves are thrown in.

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